“Using the EvaClean system has benefitted us in the fact that we have had no facility-acquired C.diff cases since January 2016, and during the winter season we also have not had one single case of flu or Norovirus.

Nadine Ryno, Infection Control Nurse, Village House Nursing and Rehabilitation

Food Service

“The EvaClean system has proven to be a huge success. We have not had one outbreak and the staff “loves” them. They are very user friendly, for example, the theater at the Gables takes only approximately 3 minutes to disinfect. You can adjust the concentration to accommodate the “need” to disinfect. What a fantastic infection control intervention!! With the outbreaks in Virginia, I sure do wish we had them in all the buildings! Great product!”

Earlene Mayhorn, RN, NCCDP, The Gables – a Five Star Senior Living Facility


Athletic Facilities

"We have been using the sprayer and tabs for a few months now and love it. We have been able to significantly shorten the disinfection process while also treating areas we rarely had before. The ropes and even the sandbags outside we work out with are now easily done. Of course we use it on all the other equipment, mats/floors and bathrooms/locker rooms. It truly is a phenomenal system which protects us and the brand."

Morgan Bungerz, Facilities Manager, Crossfit New England