Speaking Rock Entertainment Center to reopen Monday with coronavirus safety measures

Speaking Rock Entertainment Center plans to reopen at noon Monday, with new safety procedures due to the coronavirus. 

On its Facebook page, Speaking Rock management posted how workers have been readying the facility since its temporary closure in March.

"Speaking Rock has been diligently cleaning, disinfecting, and preparing our facility as we wait patiently for the right time to open back up," a post said.

The facility now uses an electrostatic sprayer that atomizes an eco-friendly disinfectant that distributes evenly and covers a large surface area. Sanitizer stations also have been added in several areas for guests.

Hotels & Airlines Using Enhanced Disinfecting Protocols

Disinfecting Airlines with Electrostatic Sprayers

With the market’s main electrostatic sprayer created by EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives being tested and proven to be not only an effective disinfectant but also effective at coating areas for further effective cleaning, the product, called EvaClean, has been picked up by Southwest, United, and Delta to take proper steps towards halting the spread of the virus in travel. This new spray acts as a primer for all surfaces that can be the first line of defense before conventional cleaning follows up. This method has been designed to be a baseline defense for all cleaning, but also provides cleaning access to areas that conventional cleaning methods simply cannot reach.  As a special note, this procedure is 100% EPA-registered and approved to be highly effective against many communicable diseases, including the infamous COVID-19 and other coronaviruses.

Hawaiian Airlines To Require Face Masks, Spacing For Passengers

Keeping Our Spaces Clean

Last month, Hawaiian began using electrostatic spraying to comprehensively and evenly clean aircraft cabins with hospital-grade disinfectants, registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, that coat even hidden and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Hawaiian is applying electrostatic treatment, which dries in five minutes, nightly on the Boeing 717 aircraft it operates on flights between the islands, and prior to each departure from Hawai‘i on Airbus A330s that serve transpacific routes. The airline’s A321neo fleet is currently not in service due to a reduced flying schedule.

Three pandemic-proof products of the future

Here are a few of those products worth talking about:

  • Thermal imaging glasses: The company behind them, Chinese startup Rokid, claims they can detect body temperature from a distance. A product like this could help airport workers, for example, so they can spot someone with a fever and then broadcast the feed directly to doctors for advice.
  • Disinfectant spray guns:We’re also seeing companies design and market disinfectant spray guns. Unlike common household sprays, these guns from companies like EvaClean use charged particles to fully cover all surfaces. They’re mostly out of stock because demand is so high right now, so expect to see them in offices, schools, and gyms soon.
  • CleanKey:This one is great for people with a newfound fear of touching things in public. The CleanKey by SmartKey is marketed as a keychain tool that allows you to open doors, push buttons and use touchscreens without using your hands. The CleanKey is also made with copper alloy, which helps ward off germs on the tool itself.

Airlines Deploy EvaClean Infection Prevention System

A new electrostatic disinfection process is being used by the nation’s three largest airlines. The EvaClean Infection Prevention System developed by EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives includes: handheld and backpack Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers: PurTabs and PUR:ONE hospital-grade EPA registered disinfectant tablets effective against coronavirus yet safe for people and environment; best practices for cleaning protocols; training processes; and monitoring programs to achieve maximum safety and efficacy.

Cleaning crews hard at work in Billings Public Schools

Head Custodian at Billings Senior High School Rod Grotbo said cleaning is done in four steps. The first step involves using a cleaner to get the grime off, then spraying a disinfecting spray. After that, crews use another cleaner to wipe the residue off. Finally, cleaning crews use the new EvaClean Disinfecting Machines.

Reiter said the EvaClean Machines use technology to wrap surfaces with a disinfecting solution.

Reiter said the district currently has seven EvaClean Machines. He said the district ordered 36 more machines three weeks ago. He said they were supposed to arrive within a week, but have been delayed due to the coronavirus.

Local business disinfects Wachusett Brewing Company to fight coronavirus

Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster had EverWell Cleaning Service of Westminster into the brewery on Wednesday to show off their 3-step protection system. Co-founder of EverWell John Miller shows off the steps. Step two is to disinfect with a electrostatic sprayer. You let this dry and do not have to wipe it down. They have two types of electrostatic sprayers. This is the hand held model that is used for smaller spaces.