All the more reasons to implement the EvaClean System

Study identifies the top surfaces where C. difficile persists

Researchers sampled 16 sites within patient isolation rooms and patient bays to determine hardest-to-clean areas


A recent study published in the Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology journal has identified the most common sites in which Clostridium difficile spores persist even after terminal cleaning and hydrogen peroxide aerial decontamination. 

The study’s researchers sampled 16 sites often noted as high-frequency contact or difficult-to-clean-surfaces within patient isolation rooms and patient bays. Of the 2,529 sites sampled, floor corners turned out to be the biggest culprit with 92 of 334 samples (29 percent) coming back positive for C. difficile after disinfection.

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Waxahachie, Texas ISD purchases new sanitizing equipment to curb illnesses

With school districts across Texas closing due to flu outbreaks, Waxahachie ISD has taken extra precautions to eliminate germs and viruses with a new, handy cleaning device.

In December, WISD purchased nine handheld Protexus Electrostatic sprayers and a backpack version of the sanitizing machine. The equipment is shared across the district, disinfecting classrooms, administrative buildings and gyms.

Ruthe Valles, the custodian coordinator for the district, explained, “We spend less time, and we save more time to do the whole school. I believe this will also catch anything that my custodians might have missed. This will reach spaces that they are not able to reach.”

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New sanitation methods to be used on Springfield school buses

SPRINGFIELD, Ore.- Springfield Schools are trying to combat the flu and other illnesses by sanitizing the place kids go first before they step into the classroom -- the school bus.

Springfield bus drivers have added a new sanitizing tool to their team, called Protexus.

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Bishop Lynch HS reopens after flu outbreak with the help of the EvaClean System

As school districts across the region close to sanitize classrooms and buses, some are looking at ways to try and stay one step ahead of the flu.

Officials at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas are watching the numbers closely of those students and faculty reporting flu-like symptoms.

Students at Bishop Lynch returned to class on Monday for the first since the school closed last Thursday. It allowed four full days of a thorough scrub down and airing out.

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Plymouth charter school in Plymouth MA closed due to Noro-like stomach bug

Another school closed due to outbreaks. EvaClean is the key to prevention.

PLYMOUTH, Mass. – A nasty stomach bug that’s going around has people across the area concerned and out of commission for up to a day.

The virus shows Noro-like symptoms and is hitting especially hard in Plymouth where at least one school will be closed Friday because of the rapid spread.

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8 Gross Infections You Can Catch at the Gym–and How to Avoid Them

So you’ve made your New Year’s resolution to join the gym, get buff, and enjoy all the perks of a trim, svelte you. Just make sure your best intentions don’t backfire in the form of a nasty skin or respiratory infection. They’re rare–luckily–but gym infections can and do happen.

Gyms need to do a better job protecting its members. EvaClean is the most effective way to give members peace of mind

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Mumps outbreak forces charter school to start winter break early

Perfect time for the EvaClean System.

WAIANAE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Five people have fallen ill with mumps at Kamaile Academy, and there are two additional suspect cases, prompting officials to start the school's winter break early and extend it by five days.

The announcement was made in a letter to parents.

Officials said winter break at the public charter school in Waianae would begin Tuesday and continue through Jan. 16.

The school said starting the winter break two days early and extending it by a week "will allow us to get past the 25-day incubation period" for mumps.

So far this year, there have been 705 confirmed cases of mumps statewide, and 19 people have suffered from complications, the state Health Department reports. The large majority of those who have fallen ill have been on Oahu.

This year's outbreak is by far the largest number of cases Hawaii has seen in decades. In all of 2016, Hawaii saw just 10 total cases of mumps.


EvaClean is the most complete solution for terminal cleans


According to the CDC update, C. auris is known to sweep through health care settings. Early detection is critical: Nearly half of the first 122 patients identified in the U.S. by the CDC were in the same wards as patients already tested positive for C. auris. Epidemic links were found consistently, and environmental testing of patients’ rooms identified C. auris

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