Developed specifically for the unique standards of healthcare and higher education


Healthcare and Education


PurExcellence is a proprietary infection prevention program that provides customized solutions, standardized processes and perennial training to deliver safety, sustainability and guaranteed cost savings of 30%.


The six pillars of PurExcellence are designed to build true infection prevention partnerships.

  • Assessment

    Cleaning Protocols Assessment
    Comprehensive Chemical Analysis
    Cost Comparison per Annum

  • Education

    Perennial Training & Certification
    Eliminates Failure Points
    Improved Compliance & Outcomes

  • Sustainability

    Less Packaging, Storage & Eco-Footprint
    Reduced Chemical Consumption
    Environmentally Preferable & Biodegradable

  • Standardization

    Custom Designed Solutions
    Chemical Consolidation
    Simplified Processes 

  • Safety

    Advanced Technologies & Safer Chemistries
    Higher Efficacy at Lower PPM
    Mitigates Cross Contamination

  • Guaranteed Cost Savings

    Fewer Chemicals Accomplish More
    Streamlined Procurement & Less Labor
    Lower Cost per Gallon & Less Shipping