COVID-19: What you need to know:

The new outbreak from Wuhan, China is caused by novel Coronavirus (Covid-2019). Both PUR·ONE and PURTABS are EPA List N approved products effective against COVID-19 in 1 minute. Click for more information.

The New Standard for Infection Prevention

Addressing the challenges of today and the emerging threats of tomorrow.


Introducing PUR·ONE, the newest addition to EvaClean.

PUR·ONE is a multi-purpose, sporicidal grade, cleaner / disinfectant that eliminates the need for quats, neutral cleaners and other chemicals that do little to prevent outbreaks of the most dangerous healthcare pathogens like C. diff, Candida auris, and other emerging threats.

EvaClean PurOne

A Data Driven Infection Prevention Program that is as Simple as it is Effective

Evaclean System

Safer Chemicals. Advanced Technologies.

Clinical efficacy of infection prevention programs is not based on equipment alone, but a systematic, standardized approach to infection prevention. EvaClean enhances cleaning protocols by providing one simple solution effective against the threats of today, and those of tomorrow. With EvaClean's NaDCC chemistry and end-to-end system you can:


✓ IMPROVE compliance standards
✓ ELIMINATE human error
✓ SIMPLIFY with safer technology and chemicals
✓ REDUCE outbreaks and HAI's
✓ BOOST worker happiness and success


You need EvaClean

With deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, and current processes and equipment only reaching about 25% of room surfaces, yesterday’s cleaning and infection control systems are obsolete. Cleaning protocols tailored around the EvaClean system are cost effective, accessible, practical, safe and scalable. We offer simplified processes that can be replicated and scaled.

Serious threats to public health and our nation’s economy.

Little has changed in the infection control industry. Buckets, rags, mops, and wipes are still relied upon at most facilities today, despite the fact that they leave up to 75% of room surfaces untouched. Inconsistent application, worker error, and time constraints further complicate the challenge of keeping facilities clean and sanitary. These challenges become more alarming in the face of increasing threats. 

  • Every year, close to 100k people die from Hospital Acquired Infections

  • Healthcare facilities not meeting HAI reduction targets lose an average of $1.3M per year in CMS funding

  • Workplace illness costs $200+ billion/year in lost productivity

  • Foodborne Salmonella, e Coli, and Listeria outbreaks happen every week and result in costly recalls

  • Cruise lines continue to face damaging outbreaks of Norovirus

  • One norovirus outbreak cost a major university $30,000 per day / $400,000 a week

Already at work in leading Institutions

  • Healthcare

    Leading hospitals, non-acute facilities, nursing homes, dental facilities and veterinary clinics trust EvaClean for preventing outbreaks ranging from flu to C Diff.

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  • Building Services Contractors

    Building Service Contractors use the EvaClean system to provide enhanced disinfection to commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

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  • Food services

    EvaClean is used to sanitize food contact surfaces and equipment in cafeterias, restaurants, grocers and wholesale facilities.

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  • Education

    EvaClean is used in educational settings from day cares to universities to sanitize all the areas missed with traditional cleaning programs.

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  • Athletics & Professional Sports

    Health clubs & athletic facilities of all types rely on EvaClean for disinfecting equipment, eliminating odors, and maintaining a healthy environment.

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Senior Living

“In February of 2016 we had no cases of C.diff and did not have any cases through December of 2016 when we admitted a resident from the hospital with C.diff. We’re into the second month in 2017 and we still have no C.diff cases in our facility. Using the electrostatic sprayer with PURTABS has benefitted us in the fact that we have had no facility-acquired C.diff cases since January 2016, and during the winter season we also have not had one single case of flu or Norovirus.”

Nadine Ryno, Infection Control Nurse, Village House Nursing and Rehabilitation

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Empowering workers

Empowering workers to improve public health.

We knew that to be effective, EvaClean must work well for the workers who use it every day, and it does. Staff report that they enjoy using the system, appreciate the lack of noxious chemicals, and — knowing they are making public spaces far safer and healthier — get greater job satisfaction from their work.

“The sprayer is easy for the staff to use. We found there is a much less sickness in the building, even staff has been healthier…We love using [the EvaClean System]. We feel it’s been a Godsend here at The Gables.”

Janet Grant, Head of Housekeeping
The Gables at Winchester – A Five Star Senior Living Property

News & Views

RTD Uses Electrostatic Sprayers To Disinfect Vehicles Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Denver’s Regional Transportation District is employing new tools to help protect passengers and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Friday, RTD began using electrostatic sprayers to sanitize vehicles.


Officials say the touchless, electrostatic technology reaches 360 degrees around surfaces. According to the manufacturer, the sprayers provide three times more coverage in the same amount of time compared to spray bottles, buckets and rags.

Static keeping CATA buses clean

New equipment amps up protection for drivers and riders

The Cape Ann Transportation Authority has purchased new cleaning equipment to ramp up its sanitizing process as more community members hop on and off its buses.

The new cordless electrostatic sprayers, purchased by the local transportation authority for about $1,000 each, use an electric charge to efficiently and effectively disinfect each bus before it is driven. 

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