Keeping your members happy and healthy.

People visit athletic facilities to improve their health and their lives. Facilities owe it to their members to provide a clean, infection-free environment that promotes good health. Yet there are continued reports of members contracting MRSA, staph, and other illnesses.  Infections commonly found in athletic & sports facilities include:

  • HPV, contacted by athlete's foot.
  • Klebsiella, prevalent on shared surfaces like cardio machines, workout mats, weights, etc.
  • Staphylococcus Aureus, which can lead to MRSA, transmitted by shared towels, exercise equipment surfaces and grips, or skin-to-skin contact
  • Candida, prevalent in locker rooms, saunas, swimming pools, and showers

EvaClean makes short work of today’s toughest cleaning challenges by providing a fast and effective way to disinfect equipment.


From preventive measures to ongoing infection control.

EarthSafe’s EvaClean System is an end to end solution for infection prevention.  Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting has never been more affordable or effective. By incorporating technology, sustainability and processes the EvaClean Infection Prevention Program delivers far superior performance than traditional infection control programs. In a new pandemic environment the Program:

  • Provides immediate infection control
  • Neutralizes odors, leaving your facility clean with no harsh chemical smell
  • Sanitizes or disinfects everything including machines, mats, showers, locker rooms and virtually all gym areas
  • Delivers results up to 3X greater than traditional disinfecting and sanitizing equipment in less time

Watch our infection prevention system in action.

EvaClean at Work in Athletic Facilities

National Franchise


SkyZone is a chain of indoor trampoline parks that is highly committed to guest satisfaction. One of the top guest concerns is cleanliness. Understanding today’s cleaning challenges, and how they can impact the entire chain’s reputation, SkyZone needed to reach new levels of cleanliness and infection control.


SkyZone decided to try EarthSafe’s EvaClean system at two locations. When guest ratings on cleanliness jumped ten points within a matter of weeks, SkyZone requested systems for additional locations. EvaClean is becoming a powerful tool for increasing guest satisfaction as well as infection control. 

“There [was] a significant discrepancy in guest survey data in park cleanliness for the month of April. Evansville, IL, had the sprayer for several weeks in April and loved it.  They went from a guest cleanliness score of 60 to 70.”  

- Peter Kouis, Zone Director
SkyZone Franchise Group