Healthcare Reducing the health and financial risks of HAIs.

Healthcare providers have an inherent duty to protect patients from getting sick during visits, and to give staff a healthy, safe environment in which to work. Healthcare Associated Infections also pose financial risks, due to the significant fines for non compliance with CMS guidelines and legal action brought by infected patients. 

EvaClean can help significantly reduce the risks of HAIs. Utilizing some of the safest, most environmentally friendly materials available. It is an essential part of any holistic infection control program.

  • Simplifies training
  • Integrates easily into any cleaning processes
  • Reduces human error
  • Delivers results up to 3X greater than traditional disinfecting and sanitizing equipment in less time
  • Allows for a more efficient use of resources

HAIs are on the rise. And so are the costs.

  • Close to 100,000 people die each year from Hospital Acquired Infections, and 1 out of 2 infectious outbreaks exhibit some form of antibiotic resistance
  • According to the CDC, the annual cost of HAIs is an estimated $28 Billion1. 
  • To encourage hospitals to prevent infections, the Hospital-Acquired Conditions Reduction Program will reduce Medicare’s payments by 1% for HAIs2
  • A 2017 study published in the “American Journal of Infection Control, shows that floors harbor dangerous germs and should be reclassified as “critical” areas requiring more thorough cleaning and disinfecting

Proper cleaning and disinfecting is a matter of safety as well as an important financial protocol.


Watch our infection prevention system in action.

EvaClean at Work in Healthcare Facilities

Village House Nursing and Rehabilitation
Newport, RI


Short-term patients and residents transferring from hospitals to Village House Nursing and Rehabilitation often have C.diff. In January of 2016, Village House had six cases of C. diff.  Four of those cases were from residents arriving from the hospital with an active C.diff infection, and two of the cases were long-term care residents who contracted C. diff from the facility. Village House needed a more effective way to prevent and control the spread of C. diff


In February of 2016, the EvaClean team implemented a comprehensive program for Village House Nursing and Rehabilitation to accomplish all its sanitizing and disinfection. From February of 2016 to December of 2016 there were no cases of C.diff that emerged from within the facility. In December of 2016, one resident was admitted from the hospital already having C.diff. While this particular resident was admitted having an active infection, it did not spread to any other resident or staff. In addition to having zero cases of C.diff in the facility from February through December 2016, during the fall/winter months of 2016, there were no cases of flu or Norovirus. The amount of time to disinfect terminal rooms was also reduced by 40%. The only change in protocol was the addition of the EvaClean system. 

“In February of 2016 we had no cases of C.diff and did not have any cases through December of 2016 when we admitted a resident from the hospital with C.diff. We’re into the second month in 2017 and we still have no C.diff cases in our facility. Using [the Evaclean System] has benefitted us in the fact that we have had no facility-acquired C.diff cases since January 2016, and during the winter season we also have not had one single case of flu or Norovirus.”

- Nadine Ryno, Infection Control Nurse
Village House Nursing and Rehabilitation