Electrostatic Sprayers Saves on Labor

One innovative method being used to maintain the cleanliness of clubs and businesses is electrostatic sprayers developed by Braintree, Mass.-based EarthSafe.  In May, the company’s new EvaClean Infection Prevention System made national news when Delta Air Lines announced it started sanitizing every flight at every Delta airport using electrostatic sprayers in an effort to raise the standards for airline cleanliness.

Coastal Rep planning for eventual return to stage following crisis

While the next event open to the public may be a virtual one, theater organizers are carefully constructing safety protocols to follow when they are able to reopen their doors. They will be using PureTabs from EvaClean to sanitize indoor spaces. And Cutter noted, with 158 seats in the theater, their system “will make it so much easier to handle and make our patrons feel confident that we are doing everything to ensure their safety and health.”

Windstar Cruises Retrofits Fleet with HEPA and UV-C – Partners with University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Center

Windstar is making significant investments and major operational adjustments to meet the requirements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and global governmental and public health guidance. Enhanced cleaning protocols on board include crew dedicated to frequent cleaning with special attention to high touch points and public areas. Going further, the Beyond Ordinary Care program employs proven technology and the highest-standard cleaning methods in combination with each other, as follows:


3. Use EvaClean with PurTab for disinfecting surfaces via sprayers
In addition to an elevated frequency of cleaning, sanitizing provides another layer of safety. This EPA-approved powerful sanitizer utilizes a safe and effective formula for disinfecting all types of hard and soft surfaces throughout the ship including guest rooms, crew spaces, and all public spaces. It has been used for everything from lower-level sanitization required for food-contact surfaces to powerful infection control used in health care settings.

ACTION A.C. and Prop Rentals teams up with Evaclean to provide new disinfection system for Brooklyn based film production studios

ACTION A.C. and Prop Rentals has announced today that they have been strategically working with Massachusetts based Evaclean to offer a safe and effective disinfection option to the Brooklyn based film and television industry.

Following the acquisition of a series of Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer Systems with environmentally friendly disinfectant products PUR·ONE and PURTABS, EPA List N approved disinfectants proven effective against COVID-19 in just 1 minute, ACTION A.C. can now offer a safe and effective disinfecting option for their Film and Television production clients.

Mariners officially report for start of ‘Summer Camp’

Enhanced Cleaning

Since T-Mobile Park was closed on March 13, the Mariners have worked with contract cleaning services provider ABM to create an enhanced cleaning protocol for COVID-19 that utilizes the latest technology. ABM has expertise in this field and works closely with board certified experts in infectious disease and industrial hygiene.

Enhanced efforts include:

  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of the entire facility, with particular attention paid to high traffic touch points such as handles, common areas, elevators, restrooms, etc.;
  • Use of electrostatic sprayers to apply an electrically charged, broad spectrum disinfecting solution that is formulated to target suspected or known presence of COVID-19 but is nontoxic to humans;
  • Installation of an ionized air purification system in clubhouses and other indoor spaces used by players and on-field personnel, trainers and clubhouse staff. The system reduces outdoor air intake and kills pathogens;
  • Use of UV-C light to eliminate the threat of bacteria, viruses, mold spores and allergy-inducing microorganisms found on everyday items.

Artcraft opening back up, with precautions

Staff members and volunteers have already been instructed to wipe down and sanitize high-contacts surfaces such as door handles and countertops before, during and after film showings. The entire auditorium, lobby, restrooms and concession counters will be sanitized and cleaned continuously as well as after each event.

Theater officials have acquired a powerful disinfectant and sanitizing machine called an EvaClean Protexus, which will be used after every show.

As pandemic fades, gyms return.

Gyms have striven to reassure members of protective measures they’ve instituted. The Edge Fitness Clubs, which has 15 locations in the state, said it would add sanitation stations, use Protexus electrostatic fogging spray technology to disinfect and sanitize the club, and increase space between each piece of equipment.

“One of the great things about our clubs is the amount of space that we have,” said Jeff Stone, chief marketing and administrative officer for The Edge Fitness Clubs. “This allows us to comply with state-mandated capacity restrictions while allowing members to safely adhere to social distancing guidelines.”

Westgate Las Vegas introduces enhanced cleaning plan for hotel room sanitation

Westgate Resorts has implemented the WestgateCARES initiative for enhanced cleaning processes. Taking sanitation to a whole new level.

“In the past the housekeepers would enter a guest room after they departed and would remove all the dirty linen and the trash,” said Shay Powell, Director of Housekeeping at Westgate Las Vegas.

Now, Powell says that’s taken care of by a utility porter. “What we’ve done now is we use an electrostatic sprayer once the guest departs. Basically, it dispenses a cleaning chemical throughout the room that is completely touchless.”

Airlines, hotels to implement 'electrostatic spraying' vs. coronavirus

Delta also uses an electrostatic spray (Delta calls it fogging) for aircraft cabins and has greatly expanded its deployment in recent weeks. In February, the airline was spraying the cabins of international aircraft during their overnight stops in the U.S. But this month, Delta started applying overnight fogging in all of its domestic aircraftas well. “The procedure uses a safe, high-grade EPA-registered disinfectant that is highly effective against many communicable diseases, including coronaviruses,” Delta said. “Following the fogging procedure, cleaning crews thoroughly clean cabin surfaces including tray tables, seatback screens, and lavatories.”

The electrostatic spray disinfecting process used by major airlines comes from a company called EarthSafe, based in Braintree, Mass. The company saidthat besides airlines, its products have been “widely adopted by major airports,” including Hollywood Burbank and Las Vegas McCarran – and by the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BART).